The next episode of the Left Behind Game Club’s mini series on Kentucky Route Zero (2013-2020) is now live! Check it out on the Left Behind Game Club’s website.

As previously mentioned in my earlier post, Kentucky Route Zero is a video game developed by Cardboard Computer that is broken up into five acts, each of which having been distributed at a different time over the course of the past seven years. What I did NOT appreciate, however, is that – in addition to the five acts of the main campaign – four additional, self-sustaining interludes were developed in between development of each of the previously mentioned acts. As a result, we are now anticipating this mini series to have a total of nine episodes once it is finished. In this episode, however, we take a look at the first of four interludes, following Act I, Limits and Demonstrations.

Compared to Act I, Limits and Demonstrations is relatively short. It took me about 40 minutes to get through it, and it all takes place within one central location. That being said, this interlude is teeming with just as much narrative curiosity and visual spectacle as the previous act, as hosts Jacob McCourt, Michael Ruffalo, and I discuss at length. If you’ve been enjoying the adventure thus far, I would strongly suggest that you do not overlook these interludes, especially when they’re free to download from Kentucky Route Zero‘s official website. As for the three of us, however, there’s still plenty of miles left to cover as we continue down Kentucky Route Zero.

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