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When I first published this website, I had mentioned wanting to start a blog (i.e. Casually Academic), where I could talk about my research, upcoming projects, and even non-music-related topics. (I think I may have mentioned something about dinosaurs at one point?) While it’s only been a few months and a handful of articles since then, I’ve made the decision now to take a step back from blogging for the next little while.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging anymore; it’s simply a matter of having to re-prioritize my time. Between going back to school, my work with the Windsor Classic Chorale, and – the biggest news of all – my wife and I buying a house, I can’t promise that I’ll continue to blog consistently when I know I won’t have the time. If anything, I may still blog, just less regularly, but I can’t even say that for certain right now.

All of that said, I want to assure you – and myself – that I will continue to update my website and keep you informed about new opportunities and continuing projects. There’s still two more episodes to go in the Left Behind Game Club‘s mini series on Kentucky Route Zero, and the Windsor Classic Chorale is gearing up for its first completely virtual concert later this fall – lots to look forward to!

Last but certainly least, I want to say thank you for visiting my website, checking out my blog, and/or following me on Facebook and Twitter. While my work here will have to be re-prioritized for more important work elsewhere, your support is always appreciated. Thank you!

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